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  • Michael Jackson Halloween Costumes Ideas Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, had a wardrobe that was as legendary as his music. All of his signature outfits will be available to the public for Halloween. Costumes of the singer's unique wardrobe will make everyone's must have list. Many enthusiasts conjure up the infamous single silver glove worn by Michael. Another outfit that is immediately recognizable is the red jacket worn by the singer in his 'Thriller' video.

    The white gangster outfit donned by Michael is also a popular image most fans know. As soon as the song, 'Billy Jean' is played on the radio the trendy fedora worn by Michael is a visual many supporters equate as his style. Michael Jackson in his military regalia is immediately identifiable as the King.

    Halloween is coming soon and there will be plenty of MJ costumes worn by both children and adults. During Michael's televised memorial, his brothers and other pallbearers wore the single glove in memory of the famed pop star. The gloves are available for special order just in time for the holiday. No one is sure what the imagery stood for, but everyone knows the glove is symbolic of this musical giant.

    The short red leather jacket only has to be described and immediately the imagery of Michael dancing in the video of 'Thriller' comes to mind. Those red jackets can be ordered at many of the costume stores right now. Every impersonator of the King of Pop has a red leather jacket in their repertoire. Halloween usually has the 'Thriller' music played in most venues, and as the music is played many will have the outfit on trying to mimic the King.

    The 'Beat It' outfit is another famous red jacket and black pant ensemble. This red zippered jacket with black wings is nothing like the red 'Thriller' jacket that has bold black stripes on the front breast area. These costumes are available for babies, toddlers, and adults. The popular music and distinguished clothing will be a hit this holiday season.

    As popular as Michael Jackson's music has become to the public, his clothing is as eminent. The short pants with contrasting socks, the red jacket, and the single glove all invoke an instantaneous recognition of Michael Jackson all over the world. His wardrobe is as famous as his music. Any fan of this pop icon will want to have one of these costumes this year.

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